About me...

I was born in Debrecen on August 27, 1978 as the only son of my mother Maria and my father Andras Janos. I have a sister Annamaria who is three years younger than me.

I completed my studies in the city of Hajdúszoboszló, Debrecen, Kecskemét and Szeged.

I grew up having two goals in life. My childhood dreams were to be a lawyer and also a sport broadcaster.

I accomplished to become a lawyer in 2004. I received my Doctorate Degree in Faculty of Law from the University of Szeged.

On the other hand, I started to work as an intern for the morning show at RTL Klub in the beginning of 2001. I only completed my first month when I received an offer from the station's sports department. I accepted to complete the duties of a program editor and I had the chance to broadcast live from various sport events. Soon enough, I got to report from the paddock on Formula 1 races and I even tried myself as a presenter, host.

I was the channel producer for Sport Klub Romania then the Hungarian Sport Klub also came under my surveillance.

Since 2010 as the Head of Communications at the Hungarian Basketball Federation I'm working on reforming the communications strategy of basketball in Hungary. In the meantime I'm also holding the position of Head of Sport at DIGI Sport, a dinamically growing sports cable network in Hungary.

Carver Media is my company I have set up to produce television quality footages ensuring creativity and a unique approach. Beside filming and hosting Carver Media offers various services today.

My personal motto: "Be always happy, but never satisfied!"

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